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Transpersonal Education and Achievement

The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science.

Working With Images

This ‘Uploading Images’ tutorial covers: Uploading images from the text editor Adjusting image settings The ‘Select Files’ button Inserting an image Images help improve the overall look and feel of your site. To upload an image from the post and page editor, simply...

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Add New Post

This ‘Add New Post’ tutorial covers: Finding the ‘Add New Post’ screen An overview of post creation Formatting and structure options Publishing posts Posts were uniquely designed to keep a steady flow of new content on your site while maintaining organization. To...

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The Media Library

This is how you upload and manage audio, video and pictures using the media library. This ‘Media Library’ tutorial covers: Locating the Media Library Accepted media types Editing files from the Media Library Deleting images, videos, audio and documents The Media...

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Pages VS Posts

The ‘Pages vs. Posts’ tutorial covers: A side-by-side comparison of Pages and Posts The similarities between the two How Posts display on your site Features for organizing Posts The purpose of Pages How Pages are organized While the Page editor and Post editor look...

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Adding New Pages

Adding New Pages [wpmudev-video video="add-new-page"] This ‘Add New Page’ tutorial covers: Creating a new page Adding page content The ‘Preview’ page tool ‘Save Draft’ Publishing a page Because of how ‘Pages’ are structured, they are most often used to show content...

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Changing Your Password

Changing Your Password in WordPress This ‘Changing Passwords’ tutorial covers: Locating ‘New Password’ Setting a password The strength indicator Updating your profile Changing passwords is an important piece of website security. Creating and maintaining ‘Strong’...

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Quick Press for WordPress

This ‘Quick Draft’ tutorial covers: Reasons to use ‘Quick Draft’ Adding a title Managing your ideas Saving a draft The ‘Quick Draft’ box, found in the WordPress dashboard, is for quickly capturing your post ideas and saving them as post drafts for future use. No bells...

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Using The Admin Bar In WordPress

This ‘Admin Bar’ tutorial covers: Viewing the ‘Admin Bar’ ‘Admin Bar’ options overview User profile information Site post and page search When logged onto your site a bar with a variety of menu options will display at the top of the screen called the ‘Admin Bar’. The...

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Using the Dashboard in WordPress

Using the Dashboard in WordPress: The Basics. The dashboard is the first thing you see when you sign in. It will have different features depending on what your role is. The roles include: Administrator Editor Author Contributor Subscriber Watch the short Video below...

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How To Add a Heading in WordPress

This ‘Heading Styles’ tutorial covers: Locating the formatting options Applying styles to text Publishing content Headings help make your content easier to read and assist search engines in determining the important content on your site. To make a heading make sure...

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Peer Education and Support for everyone else
Education Epicenter is a simple online school & blog site that hosts WordPress blogs as an entry point for learning software coding starting with Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) and Cascading Style Sheets CSS. This is a developing 21st century education site that uses resources to teach the skills necessary for a job market dependent upon Digital Literacy!

21st century education includes online teaching and learning (OTL), group learning, research, collaboration and other web 2.0 tools to improve the knowledge and skill of both instructors and students. This site builds upon tutorials that can also be resources for educational courses based on latest content standards (common Core, Critical Thinking) using the best of accessible multimedia resources . The objective is to be an online peer education tutorial hub for people who want a good education but cannot afford one.