Its a mistake to assume that all bullies are loners or have low self esteem. In fact there are at least six common types of bullies. While some bullies do suffer from self esteem issues there are others who bully because they feel entitled. Other kids bully because they too have been victims of bullying and others bully to climb the social ladder. Some kids even bully due to peer pressure. Bullying involves having power over someone. As a result many kids who bully have a craving for power. In other words the bully is looking to improve his status. Bullying is a very big problem in our society.

It breaks your heart to know that your child is being bullied. As a parent it is a very helpless feeling knowing that your grown up child is being bullied. Especially when the abuse has escalated to a very real threat of harm. Unfortunately bullies come in shapes, sizes, and even ages. Without some sort of intervention a bully who terrorizes other kids in the playground will use the same tactics later in life. You might even know a bully in your workplace your neighborhood or even your own home.


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