Frequently when bullying occurs other kids are present. Yet the common reaction for these bystanders is to simply stand by and do nothing. For this reason bullying prevention efforts should include ideas on how to empower bystanders to take action. Included in those programs are ideas on what bystanders can do if they witness bullying. Most of the time kids remain silent because they are unsure on what they should do or they feel it is none of there business and has nothing to do with them. But the goal in bullying prevention is to capitalize on the audience a bully has and turn it towards helping the victim rather than supporting bullies.

Despite the number of negative emotions and consequences of bullying, many targets of bullying do not tell anyone what is happening to them. The reasons for remaining silent vary from person to person. But for some teens they are embarrassed, confused or feel they can handle it on their own. A number of young people also question weather or not telling will do them any good. For this reason it is important that parents and teachers realize that bullying is not a rite of passage and it wont make victims any stronger. Instead it has lasting consequences and should be dealt with swiftly and effectively.