Emotional bullying is when a person tries to get what they want by making others feel angry or afraid. It is something everyone remembers from their childhood. Emotional bullying can have negative effects on a persons mental health. Victims often feel shame, guilt, embarrassment and fear. These effects of emotional bullying can result in depression, low self esteem, shyness, poor academic or job performance, isolation, and threatened or attempted suicide. Emotional bullying is not just seen on the playground emotional bullying although likely subtler is seen in adult relationships and workplaces too.

Standing up to an emotional bully is another tried and true technique. However when someone stands up to a emotional bully, the bully is forced to change. Its unlikely that an emotional bully will ever change completely, but small alterations in behavior are possible and even more can happen if help is sought. Standing up to an emotional bully makes it more likely that the bully will realize that there is a problem and they may even be more willing to get help for it. Those who have experienced emotional bullying are more likely to turn around and become emotional bullies themselves.


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