Moodle: Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment

Moodle stands for:








Moodle is Global

Moodle is Global

Moodle is considered a Learning Management System (LMS). In short, Moodle is a program that you use to teach classes online or in an education technology environment; like a lab or library. This is also a great way to teach computers that are networked at your home or at your job without having to actually be “live” on the internet.


Moodle has different functions for different people. Teachers and administrators different functions from students. With MOODLE you can teach like a regular high school course or a college quarter or semester using the dates format. Or if you are creating a course where the user can move at his/her own pace, it can be set to be Topic based.

Moodle has various games that can be used to help the student practice

Moodle has a “scale” system so that Teachers can grade by letters, stars, numbers or any other system that you can imagine.

Moodle can connect to web pages that the students needs to read in order to learn the material of the course.

Moodle has various types of quizzes built in:

Multiple choice, true false, short answer, essay and multi-answer questions too.


Open Source Initiative Site Explains This Well.

Open Source Initiative Site Explains This Well.

Moodle is Open Source software so it is FREE!


Many education institutions are catching on to the trend of virtual learning environments (VLE) to teach students locally and globally. The cost are low, you can reach more people, students can participate at times that are more convenient and there is more variety and diversity in answers because of the wide range of people who participate.