Atlas is a titan god he is the son of the titan Iapetus and Clymene. Atlas is the titan god of endurance and astronomy he was condemned to hold the sky due to him participating in the Titanomachy. Some said that atlas held the sky at the ends of the earth towards the west . Atlas had a lot of children mostly they were all daughters this included Hespersides, Hyades, Pleiades, and Calypso were atlas daughters. Him and his brother Menoetius join the titans during the war between the gods and eventually the titans lost atlas brother was sent to be imprisoned with the other titans to tartarus and atlas was giving the punishment of holding the heaven and sky for his entire life. Atlas was also involved with one of hercules labors hercules tricked atlas into getting the apples for him and making him hold the sky again because hercules was holding the sky while atlas was getting the apples.