Fifth Labor: The Augean Stables

Hercules 5th Labor

The Augean Stables Hercules Cleans Up

The 5th Labor of Hercules is about The Augean Stables Hercules Cleans Up. This topic starts off with Eurystheus asking Hercules to go and clean the King Augeas stable. Hercules knew that this job would be dirty and messy. Eurystheus also told him that he would also have to clean up after the cattle of  Augeas in one day. King Augeas have now own more part of the cattle of Greece then anyone had. Also people had also said perhaps he is the son of a God or a son of a Mortale but he was the richest man. He had own herbs like bulls, horses, and others. Hercules said if he cleans the stables

in one day he would want Agueas to give him a tenth of his fine cattle. Agueas couldn’t believe that Hercules was saying such a thing. Hercules took Agueas son to go and watch him. Hercules made two different tares in the stables in opposite sides. Hercules dug wide trenches to two rivers that flowed by and turned the course of the river into that yard. The rivers course cleaned out the stables and went into the mess has been flowed out the hole in the wall. The king would not pay Hercules his reward because  the king Augeas noticed that Eurystheus was behind the labour Hercules was doing. The king also said that he did not remember that he had never promised to give Hercule a reward. If he didn’t like it that he could take it to the judge so that they could do something about the situation. Hercules went to the court and got a judge to fight the case.The judge has ordered the king to pay Hercules for his job done. Agueas son was there to testify that his father had agreed to pay Hercules. Agueas was raged and demanded his son and Hercules to leave the kingdom right away. Agueas son went to go live with his aunt in the north country to live with his aunt. Hercules had went back to Mycenae and Eurystheus said that the labour did not count since Hercules was paid for the labour.