Hephaestus is the Greek god of fire and volcanoes ,but his roman equivalent is the god Vulcan. He was also known as the god that made every weapon and other stuff. His parents were Hera and Zeus, and his grandparents were Kronos and Rhea. Hephaestus was born ugly and weak this made Hera mad and she  threw him into the ocean were he was rescued by the animal life living their they helped him to the island of Lemnos. While living their Hephaestus staring building things including his fortress, helpers, and a gold throne to every god in order to impress them. He even teach  and got helped  from the cyclops while living their also he also liked collecting precious items like scraps. Hephaestus was also in  a relationship with the the goddess of love Aphrodite due to her being forced by Zeus to marry him. He is known to have built every gods weapons. Hephaestus is the blacksmith of the gods.