How do you know when to use an ellipse? A block quotes? How many citations do I need? What are the best  quality of sources to cite from (Google Scholar, Owl Perdue, The APA Manual). Are the differences between undergraduate and Graduate expectations in writing? Authors should be listed in the order they are in the sources. When to use an ampersand &&?

Sounds like a workshop is in order.


Here is an important video about how to navigate the discussion board for ACE
Useful information on expectations and where the rubric is located.

Here are  important videos about SWOT
Strength Weaknesses Opportunities and Threats
The left side is usually internal and the right side is usually external
It’s a great tool for brainstorming and organizing. Kind of like Cornell Notes


This is my higher education journal

Week Ending May 1, 2020

Week Ending May 1, 2020

After more emails and phone calls than I care to discuss, students are finally doing more assignments and occasionally showing up for Zoom...


Week of April 1st 2020 Monday This is the day that we have classes of about 30 minutes per period starting at 7:30 a. m. You will be happy to...

A New Beginning?

Cogmon's Update March 24, 2020 Good morning: yesterday was the beginning of teaching my online technology classes. First I would like to...