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Week Ending April 17th, 2020


Click here to listen to this blog post

by Virtual Mr. Cogmon | The Weber Tech Teacher Shuffle




Each time the instructor (me) sends out notices on Google Classroom, it automatically generates an email alerting the student of the assignment or the announcement waiting for them in their online Google Classroom account.

If you want to make sure that your student understands everything that is required of them, please have them join me EVERY Monday at 9:30 am on ZOOM with a brief overview of the expectations for that week and how to successfully meet the challenges given to them.

Please note that all Zoom meetings are sent out as a calendar invite with all of the details available for each meeting by simply clicking on the link for that particular day.I strongly advise that students and families make themselves familiar with the calendar because all of my assignments and their DUE DATES are automatically added to each student’s calendar. There is even an option to turn on the text and email notifications to remind the student when their assignment is due.

Why am I going over this in such detail?

In the last three weeks I have used our time at home as an opportunity to help many kids that were falling behind to catch up. The problem is that my day is now ending almost 4 hours later because everyone’s schedule is out of sync. Many kids are staying up all night, or significantly later than they do when we are all attending our school site, yet somehow not completing their work, turning their work in on time and or NOT COMMUNICATING!

The Problem?

I understand that this unfamiliar way of managing school is difficult at first and I support an understanding climate while our community transitions into this change. However, if I need to invest extra hours into making it work successfully, I would much r rather invest that time helping my students improve their skills and catch up on their work, not chasing them down through emails that they don’t answer and phone calls home that are ignored.

Unfortunately, a few times when I have reached parents a few students have not been honest about their lack of participation. Especially with respect to the fact that many of them do not check their emails or Google Classroom carefully. Often when they do check them, they SKIM over the directions, they don’t always actively read carefully.

A great example is that on this week’s form I have an instruction that states that they need AT LEAST 3 sentences are to be written or the form will not be accepted. some students, usually the more immature variety, think that 2-3 words count as a sentence. The form is looking for a minimum of 300 characters, which is roughly three (3) sentences.

On the subject of students not being honest with teachers and parents, please keep in mind that when kids are being confronted with the truth, many of them panic and react before they have a chance to think rationally and this often turns into the student washing their hands of responsibility and blaming their instructors. I am understanding of the fact, but parents, I urge you to use this post as due diligence before you make any further request that your teacher now produce evidence that the student is not being forthcoming or honest. Because now, not only has a student not potentially checked for their work responsibly and completed said work, the instructor has had to get your number, *call many numbers and engage in a discussion where you potentially stand up for your child based on false pretenses.

I bring this up because the student may feel even worse after they panic, lie, and have you go to bat for them only to discover that you were not given the complete story, which often makes it worse because now the teachers time has been wasted and they have had their time and efforts somewhat disregarded in the process. Can we agree that, I am the instructor, not a truancy officer?  I want my blog posts to be informational. I have great kids such as  Evelyn, Yaneli, Mario, Oscar, Brycen, Amber and countless stories of improvement that I would like to discuss more in future posts. I also am very excited about projects that I am working on with some of my advanced sophomores and juniors and would like to give that positive investment of time more of my attention.

So please help out by enforcing students to:

  • Check Their Email Each Day
  • Check Google Classroom Each Day
  • Check Google Calendar Each Day
  • Make sure that students open and read instructions carefully, no skimming.

(*Please update your phone number with the school when you can.)

Thank you to everyone of my parents, teachers and students that have been patient and understanding while we transition into our alternative approach to education. I really appreciate all of the input and feedback that I have recieved from each one of you and that is why I took the time to write this for us as a virtual classroom community.



This is a reminder that the day that we have combined classes at 9:30 am to 11:00 everyday

You will be happy to know that my earliest class starts at 9:30 a.m.

Students should check-in at least twice a week. To get full credit, they must fill out their exit slips twice a week.

The exit slips must be complete, with no one-word answers, blank spaces or any other type of non-answer used to finish the assignment.

Tuesday and Thursday meeting classroom is on Zoom and it is located at the following internet address:

All students are welcome in any classes to help support different types of adjustments happening at home.

9:30-11:00 –

Web Design III

Tech Apps & Digital Literacy


11:00-12:30 Office Hours


Wednesday and Friday’s classes are below

9:30-11:00 –

Web Design III

Tech Apps & Digital Literacy


Parents, if you would need more information, please send me your email address at jcogmon@stocktonusd.net and I will add it to Google Classroom so that you can monitor your child.

Feel free to contact me via remind.com


6th Period Web Design 1

On Wednesdays and Fridays between 1:30-3:00 I meet specifically with Web Design I. This is the group that is made up entirely of Tech Academy students. While I try to send out a remind.com text to everyone, it is the responsibility of the students to check Google Classroom, Google Calendar and Gmail EVERYDAY DURING THE WEEK!
The link for this class is:

Today’s student of the day is Evelyn 

This week’s student of the week is Oscar